Thinking of Japan

Joylicious shares her thoughts about the tragedies in Japan and other parts of the world.

Fish Tacos

With the recent tragedies in Japan along with the stifling conflicts going on in Libya, Egypt, and much of the Middle East, one can’t help but feel distressed or depressed even about the troubling issues happening around our world. It’s frustrating to watch the chilling images of death, sadness, murder, and anger plastered all over the media and knowing that there’s nothing we can really do except donate what we can and hope for the best. This feeling of powerlessness really set this burden against my heart: I felt suffocated, guilty even, that these families, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and children were all suffering as I sat here in my home, unscathed, my belongings intact, my refrigerator… full.


I realize from the minute I open my eyes each morning, I take simple things for granted: my closet full of clothes and shoes, the roof over my head, the fact that I am able to live in normalcy and pursue a happy and content life with my Wells. I realize life shouldn’t be about materials; it shouldn’t be about vanity; it shouldn’t be about greed. Instead we should wake up each day and be appreciative of the things we already have, be thankful for the way we are and be compassionate and giving always.

Life is too short to live otherwise.

I wake up now with different eyes — I hope for only the simple things. I strive to be respectful to our Earth keeping my negative impact at a minimum. I push to be somebody because without a voice you cannot be heard. I want to stay constantly compassionate and understanding, because it’s the answer to any conflict. And I pray… I pray that each day I am alive, I will be able to find happiness even when life seems to have turned its back on you. Because at the end of the day, that’s all we truly have: our emotions, our memories, and our will. 

Okay sorry for being a Debbie-downer, I guess that’s why I had to peel myself away from the news and make these grilled fish tacos on a Monday night to get a kick start back into normality. They sure did do the trick though. 

Click here to see the Grilled Fish Tacos recipe. 


For those who are interested in helping the recent victims of Japan and Libya, you can donate at The American Red CrossDirect Relief InternationalMercy Corps, or Global Giving