Things You Should Never Eat on an Airplane

Being considerate on a flight is what flying is all about, right?
Spoon University/Amanda Shulman

There are certain foods that should never be brought on a plane.

You’re headed on your first vacation in what feels like forever, and you’re excited. You buckle yourself into your seat and relax. You take a deep breath, and suddenly, you smell it: the greasy, unpleasant odor of whatever food the person sitting beside you decides to unwrap or open, and it just attacks your senses; even worse is that it’s a smell that lingers throughout the whole flight.

To help you be a more considerate snacker on planes, or to assure you that you aren’t the only one on the plane who gets annoyed when someone decides to crack open a  can of tuna, the Daily Meal has put together a list of foods that you should never eat on an airplane.


Photo Credit: McDonald's

Making the entire plane smell like McDonald’s is not cool, and you’ve probably just made about three-quarters of the people on this plane unnecessarily hangry (we all know we aren’t getting food any time soon).


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You can’t be serious. That permeating, seafood stench is just completely uncalled for in such close quarters.


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Absolutely no one on any plane would want to sit next to someone who has just finished eating two giant slices of garlic bread. Stank breath at its finest. 


A bowl of chili can be fantastic, but come on, chili on a plane? There is no way you had no choice but to grab a bowl of chili on the go.

Ranch Dressing

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Okay, ranch dressing is ridiculously potent and it smells like socks that have gone unwashed for decades, so bringing it on to a plane is a major offense.

Boiled Eggs

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You may as well keep the door to the bathroom open the whole flight.

Subway Sandwich

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Honestly, it kind of smells like feet, but if you’re cool with it, then don’t worry about the rest of us!

A Family-Size Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos

Eataly, Alitalia Design High-End Airplane Food

There is no way this person’s for real. First of all, no one wants to hear you munching away the entire flight, and secondly, Cool Ranch Doritos are like poison to your breath.