Things You Should Never Buy From Whole Foods

We love this incredible market, but we’ll definitely be skipping these items at Whole Foods

Do yourself a favor and skip these Whole Foods items. (Photo Modified: Flickr/LearningLark)

1. Ostrich Eggs

This is an extremely unnecessary expense. Though they claim it can feed 10 to 12 people, you can do that with a far cheaper dozen of organic eggs.


2. Grapes

Because one customer allegedly found this:


3. Grilled Salmon

Some of the prepared food at Whole Foods is totally worth the buy. However you can purchase uncooked wild-caught salmon at a much more digestible price.


4. Morels

This mushroom is a tasty treat, but can definitely be found at farmers markets or on your own foraging expeditions at a much cheaper price.

(Flickr/Steve Kaiser)

5. Cheeses

We know, we know. They have a fabulous selection. But peep the price tag and you’ll find that a lot of these artisanal beauties are way overpriced. You can actually head to Trader Joe’s for a cheaper and equally satisfying selection.

( Photo: Flickr/LearningLark)

6. Comfort

Because, how can you put a price on that Whole Foods?


(Flickr/Steph L)