Things You Should Never Buy From A Gas Station


There is a 99.9 percent chase that buying sushi at a gas station (especially one in the middle of nowhere) will wind up causing some severe bodily harm.

Hot Dogs

The gas station hot dogs might smell amazing to the hungry traveler, but just think how long they've been turning on that greasy spinner? Nothing good can come from buying a hot dog at a gas station.


Unless you're looking to punish yourself for something, save yourself the stomach ache and resist the temptation to buy that packaged burrito. It was probably put out on the shelf at least a year ago.

Family-sized bag of Chips

It's like playing with fire; just don't do it to yourself. You know the whole bag will be gone by the time you reach the next corner, and do you really want to be the guy funneling chips into his mouth at the traffic light?

Soft Pretzels

We know – pretzels are awesome, especially soft pretzels, but gas station soft pretzels? They're pretty much guaranteed to be stale.


No one needs a brain freeze while driving