Thieves Make Off With Six-Foot Ice Cream Cone

The owner of a gelato restaurant in Italy was distressed this week to discover that he had been the victim of a very odd crime, because thieves attacked his restaurant but left all the money and ice cream and stole only an enormous and heavy sculpture of an ice cream cone from the front of the restaurant.

According to The Local, the giant ice cream cone used to decorate the entrance of the Gelateria in Antardide, where its large size and bright colors caught the eyes of potential customers. Also, it caught the eyes of some people who evidently thought, "That would be a good thing to steal."

Owner Federico Ursini posted about the theft on Facebook after it happened, saying that at first he did not believe it when a friend told him the giant ice cream cone had been stolen. The ice cream cone is over six and a half feet tall and weighs more than 110 pounds and was bolted to the wall of the restaurant with a heavy metal chain. Who could steal it? Even if someone could, who would want to? 

Someone did, though. Even though making off with a fake ice cream cone of that size would take a lot of effort and special equipment, someone managed to carry it off.

Police say they will look through security camera footage covering the area to see if they can find any hints that might lead them to the thieves, but in the meantime Ursini is asking his fans to let him know if they see anything suspicious, like maybe two men lugging around a six-foot ice cream cone.