Thieves Smash Store For Small Amount Of Wine

Thieves in France pulled of a huge, daring heist for a very small take this week after literally driving a car through the window of a large store for just a few bottles of cheap wine.

According to The Local, a group of thieves smashed their car through the window of a Carrefour store in a southern town in France on Sunday afternoon. Once inside, they went directly for the store's wine, but they skipped all the fancy stuff and instead took only six bottles of ordinary table wine worth under $10 apiece.

"They just stole six bottles of table wine, three at €7 each and then three at €2.70," store manager Jessica Remiat said. "It came to €29.10. It's a bit of a joke, but a joke that will still cost us some money anyway."

€29.10 is just about $40, but the thieves didn't even get away with that much. One of the stolen bottles was found dropped and in pieces outside the store, and another was just abandoned nearby.

The thieves may have been brave, but they were not exactly wily. None of them wore masks, and all were captured on the store's surveillance cameras. Police don't think they'll have too much trouble locating them.