Bumbling Thieves Rob Bar During Police Retirement Party

Two would-be criminals with a very poor sense of timing allegedly attempted to rob a Baltimore bar, while it was hosting a retirement party full of police officers.

According to ABC 7 News, on Tuesday, August 29, a large group of off-duty police officers gathered at Monaghan's Pub to celebrate the retirement of a police sergeant. Monaghan's Pub is right across the street from a police precinct, so it would have been a suboptimal target for criminals in the first place.

The owner of Monaghan's Pub said he was shocked someone would try to rob a bar across the street from the police station, but that's reportedly what happened on Tuesday night. Two men in their early 20s allegedly entered the bar and demanded the money from the cash register.

It was a pretty easy collar for the assembled police. The alleged robbers reportedly took off on foot, but some of the officers at the party caught and arrested them.

The alleged robbers face charges of armed robbery, theft, and other charges.

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