Thief Makes Off With TGI Fridays' Meat

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and as the U.S. enters peak grilling season, some enterprising thieves decided to stock their own refrigerators by stealing cases of meat from TGI Fridays.

According to Gothamist, the thief or thieves struck a TGI Fridays near New York's Penn Station sometime in the early morning on May 31st.

Police suspect that the thief got into the building through a side door, then walked all the way up to the building's roof, where the TGI Fridays meat freezer was kept for some reason. He used bolt cutters to get into the freezer and made off with four cases of sirloin beef.

The thief also stole four garbage cans, and police suspect he used those to carry away the beef. Each case weighed approximately 50 pounds, so the thief successfully got away with nearly 200 pounds of meat.

"Whoever did it is stupid," one employee laughed, according to the NY Post. The workers said they have no idea why the meat freezer is on the roof.