These Lucky Places Are About to Get a Trader Joe’s

Because news of a Trader Joe’s opening up in your town is cause for celebration

There are many lucky places around the States getting a Trader Joe's.

Boca Raton, Florida

Photo Credit: Flickr/DeShaun Craddock

The lucky people of Boca Raton will be getting a Trader Joe’s on September 26, but people have probably had their shopping lists at the ready for months.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Adam Lederer

The only thing more beautiful than Colorado Springs is a Colorado Springs with a Trader Joe’s in it.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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Boston Public Library

As the city with Florida’s largest population, it seems only right that Jacksonville gets to revel in the unparalleled bliss of a Trader Joe’s.

Kent, Washington

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Seeing as Kent is the headquarters for REI, the news of a Trader Joe’s opening is music to the ears of many a crunchy granola hiker who now have another place to get their crunchy granola from.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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We’re picture betting playing poker with all the products on the shelves. The jackpot would be winning a lifetime supply of all of Trader Joe’s products, of course.