These 5 Sunsets Will Make You Wish You Had a Drink in Hand

Sunsets so beautiful you'll want to sit back and drink in the scene
Alexandra E. Petri

Sunsets are the best part of the day.

No matter where you are in the world, there is something instantly calming about a sunset. Time stops for a little bit, life around you falls silent, and you soak in the colors and the scene where ever you are.

But no sunset is complete without a drink. A glass of wine, a cold corona, a pina colada or a 7-Eleven beer that costs only a couple bucks. Sunsets are always better when you’re unwinding with a drink as the world unwinds with you.

Photo Credit: Alexandra E. Petri

If this picture of this sunset from Indonesia doesn’t scream kick back with a beer and some friends, then we don’t know what does. 

Photo Credit: Alexandra E. Petri

A big glass of wine would be a fitting drink for this Sydney, Australia, sunset, don’t you think? 


Photo Credit: Alexandra E. Petri

Yupp, friends and a beer will go nicely with this Laos sunset.

Photo Credit: Alexandra E. Petri

Pop open a bottle of champagne, and take it all in.

Photo Credit: Alexandra E. Petri

Another beer, please. We’ll take whatever kind. This sunset on the Thai islands is so pretty, anything will taste good.

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