7 Things You Should Never Buy from 7-Eleven

We get it, you’re in a hurry, but do you really need to eat these 7-Eleven products?

We’ll pass on the explosive indigestion, thanks

7-Select Burritos

Do you like the lining of your stomach intact? Cool. Then you may want to skip the 7-Select Burritos at 7-Eleven. Plus, a 10-ounce burrito can be over 700 hundred calories.


Maple Pancake Sausage Rollers

It is processed meat rolled in processed pancake. Like, go eat a banana if you need a snack on the go, people.


Loaded Doritos

Okay, okay. The super drunk college kid in us totally gets why these exist. But the part of us that doesn’t want to die of a heart attack before age 40 (90 calories a chip, people) thinks you should pass on this super cheesy bite.


Buffalo Chicken Rollers

We protest these on principle. The folks at 7-Eleven suggest this is a fun fact: “Buffalo Chicken Rollers are actually made of chicken and not some buffalo-chicken hybrid. Though we have to admit, that would be pretty awesome.” Just who do they think you are? Jessica Simpson?


Go-Go Taquitos

Why? Because you’re a goddamn adult who pays bills, and mystery meat should be left to your high school cafeteria.



We are all for eating pizza. Pizza is tasty. But you can get really good pizza from a pizzeria pretty darn fast. You deserve better.



We know, we know. “But they are so tasty!” We get it! But do you have any idea how much mold could be living in those Slurpee dispensers? A lot if they aren’t properly cleaned, which some employees claim they are not