The 7 Strangest Spirits You Can Buy

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There's no shortage of wacky liquors to buy

7 strange spirits.

We’ve sipped tequila in a Mexican agave field, drank cocktails inside the Arctic Circle, and sampled Scotch straight from a cask. Suffice it to say we’re pretty advanced drinkers, so it takes a truly... um... interesting spirit to take us by surprise.

But we have to admit that we were very intrigued by these seven extremely unusual bottlings. So much so, we needed to know more about them and taste them.   

Without further ado, here’s our list of seven genuinely odd spirits. Best of all? They’re all available in the U.S. Bottoms up if you dare!

The Bay Seasoned Vodka
The secret to many fine Bloody Marys is a bit of Old Bay Seasoning. (It’s also a key element in Maryland’s signature steamed crabs.) Now you can save a step by using The Bay Seasoned Vodka in your Mary, which is flavored with non-copyright-infringing "traditional Chesapeake Bay seasoning." It’s unlike any vodka we’ve ever tasted, with a heavy consistency and plenty of spice.

Vermont White Vodka
Sure, there are all kinds of funky vodkas (check out our slideshow of 17 of the craziest ones), but Vermont White is so unique, it’s practically in a separate category. The alcohol is made from pure milk sugar (aka lactose) in small batches. The real kicker? The final product is lactose-free.

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