Thanksgiving at the Virtual Table

Make sure you don’t miss any of The Daily Meal’s Thanksgiving coverage

Thanksgiving is a lot to take in — make sure you don’t miss any crucial information!

Thanksgiving has become a truly social holiday. Before we sit down to the dinner table with family and friends, we are gathering around the social table to see what our neighbors across the city — or even across the country — are up to for their holiday. We live to take a peek inside the experiences our fellow food lovers have, and we don’t want to miss a thing

That is why we are asking you, our loyal readers, for a huge favor. Whenever you snap a picture of your gorgeous turkey, share family recipes, or simply muse about the wonder of Thanksgiving, we want to know! Once you share your Thanksgiving-related story, use the hashtag #thedailymealthx and you can become part of the epic virtual table we are building. By simply adding this hashtag, you will be updated every time someone in our network posts about this great holiday.

For more turkey talk, visit The Daily Meal’s Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving!


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We can’t wait to see what your put on your literal (and virtual) table!