Thanksgiving Stuffing Reinvented In 8 New Ways

The enticing mixture of warm bread, celery, onions, and herbs makes stuffing a favorite dish of the holidays. To turn things up a notch this year, we've reimagined the traditional concept of stuffing, and made new renditions of the classic by combining new ingredients and cooking the dish in new ways.

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There are many innovative ways to serve stuffing, whether by incorporating your favorite version into a new recipe on Thanksgiving Day or by reworking the leftover into your breakfast. Hush puppies are a Southern classic — why not make Deep-Fried Stuffing Fritters this year? Cornbread is a classic stuffing ingredient, and cornbread muffins are a favorite side dish in the colder seasons, so combining the two into Cornbread Stuffing Muffins only seems natural.

On Black Friday, bring your stuffing back to life by adding it into a frittata recipe that includes your go-to fixings. Stuffing patties are another version of the fritters, but take on a lighter flavor and can become the building blocks of a stuffing patty burger. And finally, stuffed squash is a great alternative to a traditional baked sweet potato, or to a baked potato garnished with fillings and condiments.

The concept of reimagining stuffing this year can also be used with your other favorite holiday dishes. It's about reworking the dishes that you're used to, and making them interesting again. Keep the aspects you enjoy about a dish intact, and then rework the way it's cooked, for example, or add a new spice to the recipe. Why not make cranberry hush puppies or roasted kabocha squash pie instead of pumpkin?

Whether you want to serve an unconventional take on stuffing at your Thanksgiving dinner table or if you want to revamp your leftover stuffing after the holiday, we have recipe ideas for you.

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