Thanksgiving Breaks Instagram Records

All those turkey photos lead to biggest day ever

This week millions of Americans came together with their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving with the time-honored tradition of posting pictures of their food on Instagram.

Thanksgiving is all about the food, and no meal can really be considered special these days unless it’s been photographed with an old-timey filter and posted on the Internet for posterity. And thanks to all the photos of turkeys and pumpkin pies, November 22 was the busiest day in Instagram’s history, according to a post on the company’s blog.

More than 10 million photos tagged “Thanksgiving” were posted on Thursday, and during the peak afternoon eating hours more than 200 photos were uploaded every second.

Many celebrities contributed to the Thanksgiving Day Instagram explosion. Oprah and Mariah Carey posted pictures of themselves cooking their holiday dinners, and all the Kardashians contributed photos of their own celebration.

According to Design & Trend, Instagram is expected to set new records over the rest of the holiday season, but it will take a lot of Christmas cookies to oust the king of all food days.


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