T.G.I. Friday's to Serve Korean Tacos: When Food Trends Go Bad

In the fickle world of food trends, sometimes the best ideas go south

Today, T.G.I. Friday's announced that they'll be adding a selection of Korean tacos to their new menu, which means the days of the Korean taco's reign as one of the nation's hottest food trends are most certainly numbered.

No matter that Friday's is planning to top the steak-filled tacos with the requisite ginger-lime slaw, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, basil, and Sriracha, when a trend of this magnitude makes its way to the kitchens of a national chain, there's no going back.

Korean tacos are certainly not the first trendy dish to fall victim to overexposure — take a look through some of the most heartbreaking examples of food trends that have met a similar fate. 

Cake Pops: This hybrid dessert creation started in the kitchen of chef David Burke in 2006. But then hip urban bakeries started catching on and before long the pops started appearing in Starbucks nationwide. 

Candied Bacon: First there was the candied bacon chocolate bar, made popular by Vosges. Then, bakers and pastry chefs started adding bacon to desserts — whipping crispy bits into brownie batter, topping buttercream frosting with porky morsels — until finally Jack in the Box debuted its Bacon Milkshake. Case closed.

Sliders: These mini burgers seemed to be on every menu for a while, popping up with a wide variety of combinations and toppings. Ultimately, Burger King picked up on the trend with the BK Burger Shots and the rest is history.

Poutine: Just yesterday Wendy's announced that they're adding poutine to their Canadian menus... fast-food gravy is always a bad idea (especially in this case, since Wendy's is actually referring to it as "poutine sauce" instead of gravy).