TGI Fridays Makes All Hours Happy Hour

TGI Fridays has thrown away its restrictions on happy hour this week, making all hours happy by expanding its drink and appetizer specials to a full-time special menu called Happy Every Hour.

According to Brand Eating, TGI Fridays' new Happy Every Hour promotion is a special menu of $5 appetizers and alcoholic beverages priced from $3 to $6, and it is available at any time of day.

The appetizers include mozzarella sticks, boneless chicken wings, and Jack sliders. The drinks menu includes $3 beers, a $4 shandy or Long Island iced tea, a $5 blood orange cooler, and a $6 blueberry-pomegranate Long Island iced tea.

"The world does not operate on a 9-5 schedule, so we're no longer living by the old 4-7 happy hour rules," said TGI Fridays chief marketing officer Brian Gies in a statement. "Fridays has one objective — to bring people together with an experience that makes them happy, and rules don't make anyone happy. So, bye-bye happy hour. Hello, Happy Every Hour."