Texas Woman Calls 911 Over Slow Chicken Nuggets

Police in Waco, Texas, were surprised and seemingly amused to receive a useless, time-wasting call over the weekend from a resident who actually dialed 911 because a quick-service restauratn had taken too long to make her an order of chicken nuggets.


"Yes it happens!! We actually had the chicken nugget call last night!" the Waco Police Department posted gleefully to Facebook on Saturday, June 10.


On Friday night, a woman really did call 911 and tell emergency services to send the police because her order of chicken nuggets had taken too long from the drive-thru. She reportedly wanted them for free because of the delay, but the restaurant would not give them to her, so she called the police and reported the situation as though it were an actual emergency.


"Yes we went on this call. No...she did not get them for free. Yes, we actually tied up two officers on this call," the police department posted to Facebook. "Waco PD, where live is never normal."


Sergeant Patrick Swanton, who posted to the Facebook page, added a hashtag "#MakeMyNuggets" to the post, which has since been shared nearly 500 times and received more than 275 comments.


Swanton did not specify what restaurant the police were called to, but he told WFAA 8 News that when the police showed up the restaurant management gave the customer her money back and police asked her to go someplace else. She got off a lot luckier than the Ohio woman who called 911 to complain about some unsatisfactory Chinese food in 2015 and was arrested for misusing 911.


911 calls are only for emergencies. Calling 911 for chicken nuggets is a fast way to wind up on a list of hilarious 911 calls about fast food.