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Texas Hunger Relief: How to Help

Much of the South needs our aid right now
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This week winter storm Uri brought sub-freezing temperatures to Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, leaving millions without power, heat and water. Food banks have been paralyzed by the weather, school meal programs have been paused, drinking water is unsafe and grocery store shelves are empty, leaving many — especially those already facing food and housing insecurity — in a treacherous position. 

President Joe Biden has declared emergencies in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana and while aid is forthcoming, it's not meeting the demand. People in states like Arkansas and Mississippi are also seeing the ramifications of the storm and could use our support. 

For those in affected areas, there are a number of resources, many of which have compiled in documents like this, which also have excellent suggestions for organizations that need assistance.

People are stepping up to help, including restaurants who are serving meals and acting as impomptu warming stations. Whether you are near or far it is devastating to watch this unfold. But we are following Mister Rogers' advice and looking for the helpers in this time of crisis. Here are some organizations who are working with hunger relief efforts in the region; you can help with food and monetary donations, boots on the ground, and/or signal boosting their efforts.

Feeding Texas is he largest hunger-relief organization in Texas, supporting food banks across the state yearround as well as in times of crisis. They can always put donations to good use.

Feed the People Dallas is a Black-led mutual aid collective that is currently working to provide warm clothes, shelter and other support to displaced people in need. You can follow them on Twitter for updates and donate via Venmo: @feedthepeopledallas.

The Texas Restaurant Association has a running list of hospitals and facilities in need of either prepared meals or raw food.

World Central Kitchen, Jose Andres' relief organization, immediately mobilized to partner with local chefs to provide food to people in need; you can donate to help them provide meals.

Kids Meals Inc. is working in Houston to deliver meals directly to the homes of affected children. Much of their regular food stock has been destroyed in the storm and monetary donations will help replenish their stores. 

Mutual Aid Houston is actually pausing their crowdfunding efforts for now, but on their GoFundMe page they offer a number of great suggestions for organizations and community fridges that would benefit from support.

The Houston Food Bank is using monetary donations to provide food, water, hygiene items and cleaning supplies during this time and beyond. They say that a $50 donation can provide 150 meals to people in need.

BeyGOOD, Beyonce's foundation, has teamed up with Adidas and Houston disaster relief organization Bread of Life to provide assistance to storm victims who can apply for up to $1000 in aid. As a Houston native, it's no wonder Bey is spearheading relief efforts for her home state. People can also donate to Bread of Life to provide further assistance to those in need.

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is asking for financial contributions, as well as donations of nonperishables and dry goods.

The Foodbank of Northeast Louisiana says that one in five people in the region faces hunger and that each donation of $10 can provide 55 meals.