Testing The Bacon Alarm Clock

This spring, Oscar Mayer ran a sweepstakes giving away some of these devices and guess who won?


Six weeks later and my bacon alarm clock arrives at my house with this note:


Photo by Lauren Thiersch

What it comes with:

    • Very detailed instructions

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

      • The device itself (approximate retail value of $40)
      • A charger
      • A bottle of bacon scent

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

How it works:

1. Download Oscar Mayer's free Wake Up and Smell the Bacon app.
(Pro tip: even if you don't have the device, you can download the app and wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon!)

2. Fill the device with bacon scent.
(Pro tip: the device can only hold a few drops of juice at a time.  Overfill it like I did, and you'll end up with bacon scent all over your hands...)


Photo by Lauren Thiersch

3. Plug the device into your iPhone headphone jack.

4. Set your wake-up time.


Photo by Lauren Thiersch

5. Wait.

Once the alarm sounds, the device sprays a cloud of bacon mist into the air.
(Pro tip: Don't put your face up to the device like I did, or you'll end up with a face full of bacon scent. It's not as great as it sounds.)

bacon animated GIF

GIF by giphy.com

Final Thoughts:

  • As an Android user, I had to borrow a friend's iPhone in order to test this, which bothered me.
  • The device itself covers the speaker of the iPhone; as a result, the sound of sizzling bacon was hard to hear.
  • The device sprayed bacon scent into the air, which made for a short-lived fragrance.  It seemed like my face would have to be right next to the phone in morning in order to smell anything.
bacon animated GIF

GIF by giphy.com

Despite these problems, this product was overall very well thought out, and was a great marketing tool for Oscar Mayer.  It was really exciting to "win" this product and I'm still happy to have it.  The bacon scent of course didn't smell exactly  like bacon but it was pretty darn close.  I'd certainly be content waking up to this smell every day.

You can't deny that  this is an epic commercial:

Basically: If you're a bacon lover, find a way to get your hands on this product.  Unfortunately the sweepstakes ended on April 4, and it is not sold for retail sale.  Until then, you'll have to befriend someone who already has it, or simply stick to the real thing.

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