Tequila Facts For Cinco De Mayo

Oh, so you really like your margaritas and tequila shots, huh? Now we've learned from the Distilled Spirits Council that when Cinco de Mayo rolls around every year, tequila sales double in bars and restaurants. We know, shocking.

We're learning all sorts of fun facts about tequila — and how much Americans love it — this Cinco de Mayo, including: 

  • Americans bought 12.3 million cases of tequila last year (imagine the hangovers!)
  • Margarita sales accounted for 23 percent of all cocktail sales in bars and restaurants in 2011 and 2012; but on Cinco de Mayo, margaritas accounted for 47 percent of cocktails sold
  • 30 percent of the margaritas sold in restaurants and bars are flavored
  • The United States consumes twice as much tequila as the country where tequila originated, Mexico

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