Teo Headed To Gelato World Tour's Grand Final In Italy

Teo placed third in last weekend's North American bracket of the Gelato World Tour. The first and second placer winners were Bella Gelateria from Vancouver (with salted Pecan, montmorency tart cherries and tahitian vanilla gelato) and Versace Gelateria from Florida (with nougat, ricotta cheese cannoli, pistachio and chocolate chips gelato), respectively.

Raspberry Beet Gelato from Bent Spoon Gelato

Photo by Gabby Phi

Teo's Matthew Lee served a peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut gelato called "Nuts". The winners were selected with a combination of public vote and judges' critiques.

Matthew Lee of Teo

Photo by Gabby Phi

The Gelato World Tour is sponsored by Carpigiani Gelato University, which aims to develop and sustain gelato shops worldwide and educate the public about genuine Italian gelato. The North American leg of the tour brought together 16 gelato artisans from the United States and Canada. Spectators could sample all 16 gelato flavors, meet the artisans and sit in on gelato-making demonstrations.

James Coleridge of Bella Gelateria

Photo by Gabby Phi

The top three finishers will compete again in the grand final this fall, to be held in Rimini, Italy from Sept. 7 – 9.

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