New Device Can Count Calories by Scanning Food

Just wave the device over your plate and it’ll count the calories

The device also detects allergens, chemicals, ingredients, and nutrients.

Have you ever looked down at a plate of food and wondered exactly how many calories you’re about to consume? While dieters have been forced to keep track and tabulate individual meal components for years, a new invention, called Tellspec, allows you to simply scan your meal, and it’ll tell you calorie counts, allergy info, and a host of other details. The device is currently in the process of being crowdfunded through Indiegogo. [related]

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The gadget, which connects to your smartphone, uses a technology called raman spectrometry (not ramen), which can detect the chemical makeup of an object via lasers. So when you wave it over your plate, it’ll tell you the calorie count as well as ingredients and whether it contains gluten, trans fats, or pesticides.

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Pretty nifty, right? We can see this item becoming a little bit of an obsession for some. If you’re curious, you can check out their page on Indiegogo, which goes into a lot more technical detail. If you back it with a $150 donation, you’ll get two years of unlimited food scanning.