Spain’s Version of Kit Kat Pizza Is a Bit of a Mess

People are sad their pizzas don’t look like the ones in the pictures

A Spanish pizza chain came up with a design for a drippy, gooey, Kit Kat pizza, but it's turning out to be a bit of a mess.

When Japan first got a line of “bakeable” Kit Kats designed to be put in an oven and toasted to a gooey, melty mess, it did not take long for those new Kit Kats to become a sweet, novelty Pizza topping. Now Spain has its own version of Kit Kat pizza, but it doesn’t seem to be going over nearly as well.

According to The Local, Spain’s version of the Kit Kat pizza was created by Telepizza, a large pizza-delivery chain, and features normal pizza dough shaped like a circular trough. The outer ring is full of crumbled Kit Kats, and the inner ring is full of melted chocolate. It’s designed to be pulled apart and dipped into the molten chocolate center, but it doesn’t seem to be traveling too well, and several customers have been posting photos of their messy Kit Kat pizzas to Twitter.


The molten chocolate center does not seem to lend itself well to delivery, as it sloshes out of the center and gets all over everything. It might still taste good, but it does not exactly look like it does in the Telepizza marketing materials.