Tavern on the Green Offers Free Cocktails for Five Boro Bike Tour

People participating in the 40-mile bike tour can get a free drink afterwards

Tavern on the Green is offering a free cocktail to cyclists participating in the Five Boro Bike Tour on Sunday, May 1. 

New York is getting ready for the next Five Boro Bike Tour on Sunday, May 1, and this year Tavern on the Green is offering a free cocktail as a reward for participants brave enough to face the 40-mile bike ride.

The Five Boro Bike Tour is a 40-mile bike ride through all five New York boroughs and over five bridges. Participating in something like that is pretty good for bragging rights, and apparently it’s good for a free cocktail as well, because according to Gothamist’s Miranda Katz, Tavern on the Green announced that it would be giving a free cocktail to participants.

Tavern on the Green is reportedly offering one free drink to customers who bring proof of having participated in the ride. Participants will get to choose from five cocktails: The Bronx, The Brooklyn, The Manhattan, the Queens, and the Staten Island. Tavern on the Green is a pretty swanky restaurant, and those cocktails normally cost between $13 and $16, so that’s a pretty nice perk for participating in a bike ride.


Tavern on the Green might be out quite a few cocktails, too, because this year 32,000 people are expected to participate in the Five Boro Bike Tour.