Tasty Treats For Celebrating S'mores Day

S'mores are a much-loved summer campfire treat that both kids and adults enjoy making. Who can resist the enticing combination of crunchy graham crackers, warm and gooey marshmallows, and rich, melting chocolate?

Can't resist the melty goodness of a s'more? Then celebrate National S'mores Day on August 10th! Whether you'll be enjoying your s'mores in the mountains around a campfire, in your backyard around the firepit, or even your kitchen over a gas flame, try one of these more unusual variations on the classic treat the right way... we know you'll come back for some more.


S'more Muffins

Who says you can't have s'mores for breakfast? These tasty muffins have chocolate chips scattered throughout and are filled with marshmallow fluff. One recipe serves six, so wrap a couple up and save them for a snack!


S'more Apples Please!

These sweet and chewy treats are a twist on the classic Halloween caramel apple. They are fun to make, look great, and are perfect for to serve at kids' parties throughout the year.


Peanut Butter and S'mores Cups

If you love peanut butter, this is for you — think Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-meets-S'mores. Crunchy graham crackers and sticky marshmallows are combined in this creative alternative to a traditional peanut butter cup. These bite size treats are perfect for munching on the go, for crumbling on top of a scoop of ice cream, or for serving at a party.


S'mores Bars

These delicious layered bars are perfect to make for bake sales, work events, a lunchbox dessert, or just to enjoy right out of the pan at home!


Peanut Butter and Jelly S'more Sandwich

Here the campfire treat is combined with everyone's all-time favorite lunch sandwich, no campfire or broiler necessary. All you need is peanut butter, jelly, marshmallow fluff, and graham crackers — and a hankering for something sweet.


No Remorse S'mores

Just because you're watching your weight doesn't mean you can't indulge in something sweet. This lighter but equally tasty version of the traditional s'more is Weight Watchers friendly.



Fun, sugary, and elegant, s'moretinis are perfect way to celebrate S'mores Day with style — but for adults, only! This rich cocktail is easy to make and delicious to drink — a guaranteed crowd pleaser at any time of the year.