Tasting Puerto Rico's Rarest Rums

Not all rums are created equal. 'Rum Ambassador' Eric Morales went beyond the top shelf to show The Daily Meal staff some of Puerto Rico's finest rums, including the Don Q. Gran Añejo; The Bacardi Reserve Limitada, which is Puerto Rico's most expensive rum; and the Ron del Barrilito, which is very difficult to find in the United States because it is 43 percent alcohol by volume.

"With aged rum, you taste it like you would any wine," said Morales. "First you look at the color, then you look at the legs, and finally you smell it with [its] notes of butter and caramel."

Check out a slideshow of the rare rums of Puerto Rico

There are only 2,000 bottles of Bacardi Reserve Limitada in existence.  Each of the rare bottles, which you can only get at the distillery in Puerto Rico, has a black serial number on the back and costs $2,000.

The Don Q. Gran Añejo is perhaps a little bit less rare, but Morales said he still enjoys drinking it. At $100 per bottle, it is priced similar to Scotch. Finally, Morales showed us the Ron del Barrilito, which packs a punch at 86 proof and has a unique flavor. So what should you pair a good glass of rum with? Morales suggests eating rum cake or coconut shrimp.

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