Tasti D-Lite Robber Arrested

The man who's been robbing a Park Slope Tasti D-Lite since October was arrested Friday, and police say he's confessed to the crimes and apologized, saying he did it to pay for his kids' school.

According to Gothamist, Robert Coston, a 47-year-old homeless man, first robbed the Tasti D-Lite on Oct. 17. He then went on to rob Blue Marble Ice Cream on Oct. 22, before going back to the Tasti D-Lite on Oct. 26.

He was captured on Friday after the police received an anonymous tip, and the New York Post reports that Coston confessed to the robberies.

"My sons are in college," he said. "I was looking for work. I couldn't find work. I'm very sorry for what I did, though." The police say Coston always apologized to his victims.

Meyer Levy, who owns the Tasti D-Lite in question, said the robber seemed very calm and apologized during one robbery.

"He said, 'I'm sorry. I hate to do this, I've got a family to feed,'" Levy told the Post.

Coston was charged with 10 counts of robbery for robbing the Tasti D-Lite, Blue Marble Ice Cream, several different Subway restaurants, and other retail businesses.