Taste Testing Laphroaig Scotch with Some of Whisky’s Most Knowledgeable Experts


Gearing up for a delicious tasting tomorrow night with Laphroaig Scotch Whisky!

It’s shocking how many people think Scotch whisky is an old man’s drink. We’re assuming these people haven’t gotten their hands on some of the world’s best cocktails, which just so happen to have a whole lot of Scotch in them. Something tells us that Laphroaig’s live tasting event Sept. 26 might help to push the Scotch revival in the right direction.

Laphroaig owner Beam Inc. announced that the Scotch brand will broadcast its seventh annual Laphroaig Live at 8 p.m. from Brooklyn, N.Y., from an original Hudson River barge. This warms our hearts, since most Laphroaig Scotch has earthy, salty ocean air notes — so bringing the tasting back to the water seems natural. Checking out the live tasting yourself is easier than ever since it'll be streamed online.

Laphroaig sent over a few of their whiskies for us to try before the event, and we have yet to find a bad thing about them. We also found out a little interesting tidbit for those that love whiskey but tend to steer away from aged Scotch — nearly all of Laphroaig’s Scotch whisky is aged in former Maker's Mark barrels. This doesn’t necessarily come as a shock to us because we love the taste of aged whiskey, and we can certainly taste that depth of flavor in many of Laphroaig’s selections, namely the Cairdeas 2013 Whisky. If you’re someone that’s intimidated by the aged Scotch movement, don’t be — Laphroaig is a great place to start.

The 45-minute live stream event, which reached nearly 2.5 million people across the globe last year, will feature a panel of four experts who will sample four whisky expressions and highlight the spirits’ strong ties with America.  The experts include Laphroaig master distiller John Campbell, bourbon ambassador Adam Harris, renowned mixologist and founder of Ward III Michael J. Neff, and spirit enthusiast and GQ web editor Kevin Sintumuang.


We’ll definitely be attending this virtual tasting and sipping some of our own Laphroaig Scotches while we get a little more knowledgeable about Scotch whisky