Taste Test: KFC's Hot Shot Bites

KFC's newest menu offering, Hot Shot Bites, have been rolled out at all locations nationally. They're the follow-up to last year's big release, Original Recipe Bites, which took their classic fried chicken and condensed it down into poppable chunks of white meat chicken. These look about the same, but with one notable difference: they're much spicier.

We picked up a batch to sample for ourselves, and were impressed with the flavor. It's got the familiar herbs and spices, but with a spicy kick that sneaks up on you. If you have a sensitivity to spiciness, don't assume that these will be fine because they're from a fast-food chain. They've dialed up the spice factor and aren't shy about it.

As for the texture, the chicken is tender whole chunks of white meat. It's got a heavy coating of batter, which is probably exceedingly crunchy right out of the fryer but not so much after it's been enclosed in the clamshell box and allowed to steam in there for a while. That said, it's far from a soggy mess.

If you like spicy fried chicken, you'll most likely be a fan of these new Hot Shot Bites. For a limited time, an order of six is available with a side and drink for only $3.99 plus tax.