Taste Savant, the Anti-Yelp, Debuts in Los Angeles

Taste Savant, the curated restaurant discovery site, has announced that they will now be listing Los Angeles Restaurants
Taste Savant

The homepage of the Taste Savant New York website, where you can narrow down your search for the perfect restaurant.

Have you ever had that experience where you’re trying to find the best pizza in town, and it seems like approximately 200 Yelp, Open Table and Trip Advisor suggestions pop up? It can be overwhelming. Founder Sonia Kapadia went about trying to change that user experience with Taste Savant , where people can quickly find curated restaurant suggestions.  After branching out to Chicago and Boston, Taste Savant has announced they are taking on Los Angeles.[related]

Taste Savant, which launched in New York in 2011, takes the curated recommendations of critics, bloggers and food writers, to find you the best of the best in every category, from the best cheap sushi in the East Village to the best seafood date spot in Hollywood.

“You may be looking for the highest-end restaurant or the coziest hole-in-the-wall place, we have both,” said Sonia Kapadia. “We’ve created this one-stop-shop where you can look for a restaurant, look at reviews, order food, and book a table, which makes the whole process of finding a place to eat that much easier.

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How it works is that Taste Savant has an editor on the ground in each city that curates the best restaurants using a rubric, and taking into consideration reviews from critics and bloggers, as well as user recommendations. The result is that unlike Yelp and other listings sites, Taste Savant will not have every pizzeria in your city on their site. And now that Taste Savant has expanded into L.A., they will soon be spreading to other cities both nationally and internationally.