'The Taste' Is Heading To The United Kingdom

The ABC competitive cooking show The Taste, starring celebrity chefs Anthony BourdainNigella Lawson, and Ludo Lefebvre, will premiere in the United Kingdom in 2014, according to a press release by British television's Channel 4.

The show, which recently completed its first season in the United States, will feature 12 contestants competing against each other in cooking challenges. The contestants will be separated into three teams, each with one of the three judges — Bourdain, Lawson, and Lefebvre — as a mentor. The contestants will compete independently and as teams.

As a component of the competition, each round will include a blind taste test, with the contestants aiming to "please the palates of the professionals with just one spoonful of food." Because the tastings are blind, it's possible that Bourdain, Lawson, and Lefebvre could eliminate one of their mentees if the dish fails to impress. "It's all about the taste, and nothing but the taste," Lawson said of the show in the Daily Mail.

Channel 4 has also acquired the rights to air episodes of the U.S. version of the show.