Take a Bite of Wine Ice Cream

The world's first wine-infused ice cream

Wine ice cream? Yes please.

Wow is a universal word. Just ask Roxaina Hurlburt, self described "ice cream passionista" of Mercer’s Dairy in Boonville, N.Y., and creator of the award-winning Wine Ice Cream, the world’s only wine-infused ice cream. Recently introduced in China and coming soon to Canada, Japan, and the Cayman Islands, this innovative treat has elicited one overwhelming reaction — "wow."

With Wine Ice Cream, the dairy blends wine (not a reduction of wine) into hard ice cream. Because alcohol melts ice, this challenge required extensive development.

Mercer’s Dairy launched its "Port" flavor in 2007, working with Jim Trezise of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. "Port" is strictly a base of cream, sugar, and stabilizer, combined with wine. The butterfat content is 15 percent, like premium brands of ice cream and the alcohol comes in at 5 percent. One pint equals one glass of wine and sells for $7.95 to those 21 years old and over.

Five flavors have followed — Riesling, Raspberry Chardonnay, Peach White Zinfandel, Cherries Merlot, and Chocolate Cabernet. A seventh, Champagne, is promised soon, as is a single-serve version in a specially designed cup. Mercer’s also sells Wine Ice Cream to restaurants and even to food trucks.

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