Taiwanese Coffee Kiosk Prints Customer Photos On Lattes

Are photo lattes the next photo cakes? A coffee chain in Taiwan is now serving lattes with photos of customers' faces "printed" into the foam with cocoa or coffee powder, taking latte art to a new (mechanical) level.

The coffee kiosk of sorts from Let's Caffe has been making the rounds in social media, and while this isn't quite as impressive as the etched portraits done by New York barista Mike Breach, it's still pretty cool (and brings customized latte art to the masses).

How it works: Customers take a photo of themselves (or whatever they want printed) with their phone, upload it to a coffee machine in their kiosks at local Family Marts and the like, and the machine recreates that image. Currently, there are more than 2,000 stores in Taiwan, but we're fairly certain the schtick would work stateside, too. Especially if we can upload a million photos of our puppies.