Tagg Romney Hits The Campaign Trail; Jay-Z Speaks About Obama's Dinner

While Ann Romney dined out at Los Angeles hot spots like The Ivy, Romney's oldest son Tagg hit up the campaign trail in North Carolina.

First, Tagg headed to breakfast at Dan'l Boone Inn restaurant to meet with a crowd of Young Americans for Romney, followed by a volunteer lunch in High Point at Absolute Style Furniture, where he thanked the college and community volunteers in the area. He even went out and knocked on doors with the volunteers, commenting, "[Mitt Romney] didn't really want to run, and we convinced him that because he was in the position to fix the problems that our country is facing, he had a duty and obligation to run." Also on the campaign docket: an ice cream social with another set of volunteers in Greensboro.

Meanwhile, MTV got ahold of Jay-Z on the red carpet, asking him about the dinner he hosted for Barack Obama at the 40/40 Club. "I'm still kind of numb about it," he said, adding that he never thought something of this nature would happen in the hip-hop world. "It's like way beyond what I thought hip hop could reach," he said. No word on what he thought of SNL's Ann Romney hoping to hang with him and "Bay-on-say."