Tacodeli- Austin's Taco King!

If there's one thing Austin usually gets right it's tacos. Now that's not to say that what we get in Austin is guaranteed to be the most "authentic" or "traditional", but we pretty much always bang out pretty darn tasty taco. And in my not so humble opinion, when you're talking about a culinary medium such as a tortilla, pretty much anything goes as long as it's good!  One of my new favorite taco joints is Tacodeli. My buddy Paula recently insisted that I give them a try and as usual she was totally right. They've been around for years and I'd always meant to try them but for some reason I was always headed someplace else and just couldn't stop. Now I see the error of my ways! And as always, Paula, thanks for the reccomendation!

Just a little background on Tacodeli as a company, they started in 1999 here in Austin (hooray home-grown businesses!) and have worked dilligently to create a fantastic product while trying their best to be good citizens and keep things local. Their food is made in house daily using locally sourced, organic ingredients. That's a taco with a conscience! Here's a quick look at what I have had so far:

Pork Lomito Adobado: This one is a special item, not always offerred. Tender, perfect pork marinated in adobo sauce. If this doesn't melt your heart and make you say, "where have you been all my life," then you may not be entirely human.

Scallop Taco: This taco is also special item but I'd like to see it as a regular menu item, 'cause I'd stop by on a regular basis to get it. The scallops are perectly seared and accompanied with the best garnishes you could possibly pair with it. Fish tacos and shrimp tacos are great but this takes it to a whole new level. I've had scallops at some great restaruants and this taco stands tall among the best I've ever had. And the best part? I didn't have to spend twenty bucks to get it!

In addition to these two culinary heavy-weights I've also been on hand to sample what are probably the best breakfast tacos in Austin. In truth you can't go wrong with any of them but my favorites are the Jess Special, which is migas and avocado and the Frontera Fundido which doesn't have eggs but does come with your choice of steak, chicken, or portobello mushrooms and is, in my opinion, the best way to start your morning.

And don't forget about the salsa bar. All of their salsas are made fresh daily and have been known to win awards. All of this to say that if you havent been to Tacodeli, THEN GO THERE ALREADY!