Taco Cabana Introduces the Chipotle Corn Street Taco

Fast food chain Taco Cabana is inspired to add new flavor to the menu
Taco Cabana
Wikimedia Commons/Andres Praefck

Taco Cabana

Texas-based chain Taco Cabana has taken their Mexican-style menu to new heights by adding the Chipotle Corn Street Taco. The new item was inspired by a culinary trip to México City and Pueblo, where the Cabana team sampled an array of dishes featuring the savory flavors native to the city.

"Our culinary team is always looking for inspiration to continually innovate our menu," said executive chef Walter "Smokey" Waters. The team tasted foods from many different street vendors and noticed the distinct use of corn in the cuisine.

The gastronomic observations were compiled and the final result was the Chipotle Corn Street Taco which is filled with grilled, marinated steak and then topped with a mix of grilled sweet yellow corn kernels, fresh-cut jalapeno peppers, and diced onion, and is finished with chipotle cream sauce and cotija cheese.

The tacos are served on a fresh made Taco Cabana corn tortilla with lime wedge on the side that’s meant to awaken the flavors of the dish.

The new entrée, available soon in their 150 locations throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, will transport you to the Mexico City without having to travel far at all.