Taco Bell to Offer New Power Protein Menu

Staff Writer
Taco Bell is looking to score big with men with a new protein-focused menu

Taco Bell.

In attempts to keep up with the recent efforts by fast food chains to offer healthier options, Taco Bell announced that it plans to introduce a protein-focused menu. The new items will hopefully hit home with one of their largest target audiences, men, according to the Huffington Post.

The “Power Protein” menu will feature items that have fewer calories and much more protein, like a burrito with double the portion of chicken that will have only 400 calories but nearly 20 grams of protein. Similarly, a bowl with steak will only have 270 calories, and all of the items will have less than 450 calories.

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told the Huffington Post in a phone interview that the changes are coming due to an increased focus on foods that will help performance, “as evidenced by the proliferation of protein bars and cereals at supermarkets.” Their new menu items will seek to lessen the stigma of Taco Bell being extremely unhealthy; of course, the Mexican fast food joint is not looking to stop selling their classic menu items any time soon, but simply just adding to the array of options.

The first test of the menu will happen in Dayton, Ohio stores starting July 25 and running for about six weeks before any talk of a national rollout, according to CBS News. Taco Bell will also offer little to no calorie drinks to accompany the menu, like SoBe Life Water and Brisk No Calorie Iced Tea.

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Creed told Huffington Post, "We're not perfect,” but “we're just trying to get better.”