Taco Bell Launches 'Restaurant-Sized' Nachos and Churro Desserts

Oh yes, more Mexican food for the hungover soul

So Taco Bell is seriously stepping up its game; the LA Times reports that the fast-food chain, which already launched a new menu and breakfast options, has now tacked on desserts and something called the "XXL Steak Nachos," which they're describing as "restaurant-sized nachos," which might just mean super-freaking-huge nachos.

The chain officially launched XXL Steak Nachos today, making it perfect for your post-Thursday-rager drunk-eating fest. As for the national dessert menu? There's a churro donut, caramel apple empanadas, and cookie sandwiches (they're not even trying to make the last one faux-Mexican cuisine).

New on the Cantina Bell menu, however, is a double-steak quesadilla, while a "smothered burrito" is on a trial run right now, which is a burrito coated with a specific red sauce reminiscent of "restaurant-style enchilada" with the "fillingness of a burrito." Chipotle better step up it's game with churros and assorted toppings to-order. We would definitely be down.

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