Taco Bell Customer Gets $3,600 From Drive-Thru

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3 Taco Bell customers accidentally got 3 bags of cash, instead of food, in a drive-thru
Taco Bell Customers Get $3,600 Instead of Food
USA Today

Three Taco Bell customers hit the jackpot when they went to a Kentwood, Mich., Taco Bell drive-thru to get some food, but were given three bags of cash instead of three bags of tacos (and chalupas, and Doritos Locos Tacos).

Apparently, the lady at the window handed them the wrong bags, giving them $3,600 instead of food.

"Initially you want to keep it of course," the woman said, "But then we're like, what's the right thing to do?" They brought it back to the Taco Bell and got their food. "We were saying we'll never feel guilty about bringing it back," she said, but it seems like giving the wrong order is a trend at Taco Bell.

"You always gotta check as you as you're going to leave; you always check so you're not 5 miles down the road with the wrong order," one of her friends said. "Or $3,600 in cash."

Watch the news report below. We hope they got a taste of the new Doritos Locos Taco just for their good deed.


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