Taco Bell to Roll Out Brand New Breakfast Menu

The Waffle Taco and A.M. Crunchwrap are coming

The new breakfast menu will be the largest menu expansion in the chain's history.

Taco Bell is dipping its toes in the breakfast pool.

Hot on the heels of a limited-release Waffle Taco that was immensely popular, the chain’s President Brian Niccol joined Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt on a conference call Feb. 24 to confirm that a handful of new items, including the Waffle Taco and the A.M. Crunchwrap, will be joining Cinnabon Delights and breakfast-oriented burritos, tacos, and  flatbread melts on a breakfast menu that will be launching March 27.

“Fans already like to come to Taco Bell for lunch and dinner, and they share with us their love of late night," Niccol said in an accompanying release. "Now they’re not just asking, but telling us they want Taco Bell Breakfast.”

So what are we in for? The Waffle Taco wraps a sausage patty or bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese with a waffle (syrup is served on the side); the A.M. Crunchwrap fills a tortilla with scrambled eggs, a hash brown, melted cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage patty, or steak. Also planned for the new menu will be: sausage and bacon Breakfast Burritos, Steak and Eggs Burritos, A.M. Grilled Tacos with bacon or sausage, a Sausage Flatbread Melt, hash browns, Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee, and Tropicana orange juice.

“We’ve conquered the ‘fourth meal’ and late night, but there’s one daypart we’re not famous for yet, and that’s breakfast," Niccol said during the conference call. He continued by invoking the company's motto. "It’s an opportunity for people to wake up and ‘Live Más,’ at breakfast. The stores are fired up and ready to go, ready to deliver an unbelievable experience. We’re going to be a challenger in this market. We’re putting a little twist on the ordinary. People are going have a breakfast experience they’ve never had before.”


The new menu is the largest menu expansion in the company’s history, and will be accompanied by the largest marketing campaign in Taco Bell history. It’ll be available at locations nationwide, served from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. In order to facilitate the new expanded hours, each location will also be hiring three new employees.