Swiss Thieves Make Off With Tainted Cheese

Listeria-tainted cheese stolen in Switzerland

Thieves in Switzerland stole 2,866 pounds of potentially dangerous infected cheese.

Thieves in Switzerland made off with a sizable haul of cheese this month, and food safety officials say they are concerned because the cheese was tainted with potentially dangerous bacteria and should have been destroyed.

According to The Local, the federal food inspection office discovered that 236 five-kilogram wheels of Alp Sücka had disappeared from a warehouse in Liechtenstein. Investigators said they are concerned because the 2,866 pounds of Alp Sücka cheese were being temporarily stored before they were set to be destroyed for being tainted with listeria bacteria. The food inspection authorities say they are concerned the cheese might have been stolen with the intent of re-selling it either directly or indirectly to consumers, and listeria is a potentially deadly bacteria.


Officials are investigating the cheese’s disappearance, but in the meantime food authorities are recommending that people throw away any Alp Sücka cheese purchased after September 9.