Swiss Politician Seeks Ban on Tap Water Sales

MP wants to stop restaurants charging for tap water
Wikimedia/Matthew Boden

A Swiss MP has proposed a law banning restaurants from charging for tap water.

Some restaurants in Switzerland have been charging customers for glasses of tap water, and one politician is looking to put a stop to the practice once and for all.

According to The Local, parliament member Romain de Sainte Marie has suggested a law that would ban restaurants from charging customers for tap water. Apparently some restaurants have been doing that, and he thinks it should stop.

“It is not justifiable to have to pay for this, which doesn’t cost anything for these establishments,” de Sainte Marie said.

The Geneva association of restaurant and cafe owners says the proposed law is ridiculous, and the small group of restaurants that charge for tap water should be allowed to do so.

One Geneva pizza restaurant charges 2.50 francs, or $2.66, per person for a pitcher of tap water brought to the table, but makes an exception for students. The owner said beverage sales account for much of his business. 

“We will respect the law if it comes into force but we will be losers,” he said.

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