Swedish Duo Caught Stocking Food Truck With Smuggled Meat

Most food trucks stocked with French meat and delicacies would make the source of their products known, but two food truck owners in Switzerland were keeping their ingredient sources very close to the vest until recently, when customs agents discovered they'd been illegally importing their stock from France and not paying customs.

According to The Local, the food truck was a father and son operation run from Fribourg, in northwest Switzerland. The father was caught in January smuggling massive quantities of meat and beverages across the border from France into Switzerland via Geneva. Customs agents who spotted the illicit meat haul investigated the father and found out that the man's 31-year-old son was using the products to stock a food truck catering operation he was running.

A search of the son's home revealed that they kept very good records for smugglers. The food truck had reportedly used 1,100 pounds of smuggled goods in just one month of operation, including 220 pounds of illicit meat.

The son admitted to the smuggling after he was caught, and he and his father have been charged thousands of euros in back customs payments and several large fines.