Sweet Slumber Party Ideas

This is the perfect birthday party idea for little ones
Slumber Party Tips

Host a party your kid and their friends will never forget.

Slumber parties were always the highlight of your childhood weekends. You stayed up, watched movies, played truth or dare, and tempted the underworld by playing Ouija. The point is, while the classic slumber party activities are tough to beat, there are definitely a few cute ways you can revamp weekend sleepovers to make them even more fun.

Indoor Campout

Have a few medium-sized outdoor tents? Set them up in your living room so the kids feel like they have a place of their own. Don’t have a tent? Just use some old sheets. You can cook up some stovetop s’mores and keep the movies on loop as they campout indoors.

Pamper Party

If you have a room full of little divas, a pamper party would be a great way to keep them entertained. So long as it is OK with the other parents, you could set up makeup, hair, and salon stations for the girls to pamper each other with.

Midnight Snack Party


Make adorable mini-aprons for the kids and let them get their hands dirty in the kitchen. You could pre-bake the goods and let the kids do the decorating.