Sweet, New Attraction Opens in China

Because we all love the chance to get our picture taken with Kung Fu M&Ms

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

In typical fashion, China adorned its M&M's World with some of the most elaborate decor.

Looking for a sweet attraction in Shanghai, China? Well, look no further than the recently opened M&M’s World, a sight that is choc-full of over-the-top flair.

This past Tuesday, August 12, saw the opening of M&M’s World in Shanghai, China, the city’s latest must-visit destination. The Shanghai store is two floors of vibrant, chocolate-filled fun. Visitors can find M&Ms candies in 22 colors and in three different varieties - milk chocolate, peanut and almond (but seriously, how could they leave out peanutbutter?).

But wait - there’s more. In typical fashion, China adorned the two floors with some of the most elaborate decor. The main event is the Great Wall of Chocolate, the world’s largest M&Ms candy wall.

That’s right, folks. Dreams really do come true, and It’s there for your instagramming pleasure.

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Visitors will also find a statue of a yellow M&M dressed as a panda, blue and green M&Ms statues dressed up in Kung-Fu inspired garb that greet you at the door or a couple of M&Ms dressed as terra cotta warriors.