Sweet! Blue Diamond Almonds Release Honey Flavors

Blue Diamond Snacks came out with honey-flavored nuts, nut thins and Almond Breeze milk
Blue Diamond

These honey roasted nuts are just one of Blue Diamond's new flavors.

Sugar pie honey nuts! Blue Diamond is sweet on honey, and they’ve released honey-roasted flavors of some of their most beloved products like honey roasted almonds, honey roasted cinnamon almonds, honey mustard nut thins, and Almond Breeze milk with a hint of honey. Check out the full line of products here:

“Honey is the perfect flavor enhancer for consumers who want natural products but want them to taste like indulgent foods,” said a representative from Blue Diamond in a press release. “Blue Diamond offers a full line of honey-flavored products from snack almonds and nut thins to almond breeze Almond Milk.”

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Blue Diamond isn’t just randomly putting honey flavors into their products; they also announced that since 1976, Blue Diamond has funded multiple projects that focus on pollination and bee health. They’ve recently donated an additional $100,000 to Project Apis m, a non-profit organization whose mission is to direct research that will enhance the health of honeybees while improving crop production.