Bananas Get Quick-Thinking Swede Out Of Speeding Ticket

A Swedish man facing a hefty fine for speeding recently got very lucky and avoided the charge by convincing a judge that he could not possibly be the culprit, because the speeder was eating a banana and he never did.

According to The Local, a Swedish man was photographed by a police camera driving 68 kilometers per hour in a 60 kilometer-per-hour zone. The owner of the car was ticketed $174 for speeding, but he protested that he was not the guilty party. He told a judge that the man in the photo was clearly eating a banana, but the car's owner insisted that he was on a low-carb, high-fat diet and had not eaten bananas in more than two years.

He did not specify who the banana-eating speeder was, but said that his car had been up for sale at the time and several people took it out for test drives. Maybe one of the test drivers broke the speed limit while also enjoying a snack, he suggested.

The judge agreed to let the car's owner out of the fine on the grounds that they couldn't really tell who the banana-eating driver was, so it really might not have been the car's owner at all.

The low-carb, high-fat diet is called LCHF in Sweden, and it has been very popular for several years.