Swedish Restaurant's Unbelievable Pizza Experiment Goes Viral

Nobody can believe this Swedish pizza is real

Sweden's contender for the title of "World's Best Pizza" only barely looks like a pizza at all. 

People in different countries tend to put different things on pizzas, and some of those can seem downright odd to people who live elsewhere, but one Swedish pizzeria has released a photo of its contender for the title of “World’s Best Pizza,” and nobody can believe the monstrosity is real.

According to The Local, the Vulcan Pizza from Nya Gul & Blå pizzeria in northwest Sweden comes topped with all the restaurant’s topping options at once. It costs about $15, and barely looks like a pizza. According to a photo from the restaurant’s own website, the new pizza looks sort of like a big, deep star made out of dough, and each point of the star is a little cup full of cheese sauce and toppings. The pizza is covered in red onions, French fries, bacon, pepperoni, steak, cucumber, tomato, cheese sauce, something that looks like sour cream, and one big spicy pepper.

The Vulcan Pizza might be stretching the definition of “pizza,” but people seem to love it. Since the restaurant posted the photo, it has been shared more than 3,200 times, liked more than 13,000 times, and garnered more than 9,000 comments. All that fame has turned into actual orders for the restaurant.


“People have started ringing us to order it,” the owner said. “We've sold quite a few. We're even getting mail from people all over the country to know where we are and how much one costs.”