Salad Greens Spark Bomb Scare in Sweden

A bomb robot exploded a mysterious package of salad left at a newspaper

A mysterious package outside a Swedish newspaper office luckily turned out to just be salad greens.

A mysterious package left outside the offices of a local newspaper caused a scare in Sweden Friday morning, but the bomb squad eventually determined that it was just a big box of leafy salad greens.

According to The Local, a mysterious brown paper package was discovered on the steps of the Norra Halland newspaper office around 9:30 Friday morning. Elizabeth Blide, the paper’s editor in chief, spotted it, and as she was unable to figure out the source or contents of the box, she called the police and had her staff vacate the offices.

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Police cordoned off the area and inspected several vehicles nearby. The bomb squad was brought out to investigate the package, and they brought out a bomb robot to detonate the suspected bomb far from any people. When the box was exploded, however, it was revealed to contain only leafy green plants. The newspaper and police are still investigating the package’s origins, but the paper’s staff and other area residents have gone back to work.